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About Bloody Rock

First, and most important, this is based on a true story.

Back in the the late '90's I learned the story this is based on, and the screenplay took off from there. Screenplays are a tough sell. But the structure and nature of the story-telling is also addicting.

I submitted the screenplay to Slam-Fi screenplay contest and got good notes.

Rather that try to sell the screenplay, I added a novel to make a two-part package. Irresistible, right?

As a first-time author, getting anyone to read this was difficult. I'm not a really good salesperson. For me, "No" means No. For many people, "No" is just one step on the road to "Yes." I envy them.

One agent found time read it and generously gave me notes. The location, density and type of notes indicated that -- as I knew -- I'm not Frank Herbert, this is not game-changing SF. Indeed, it may not be very good, since I don't think they were dragged into the story enough to make it to the end.

But, it interested me and still does.

Nowadays, with eBook publishing so -- relatively -- simple, there's a compelling reason to typeset it and post it to in two forms: print and eBook. The print version is painfully expensive: $16.99 per copy. A crazy price for pulp SF. Without a real publisher helping me, the print channel doesn't look good.

The eBook, though, is very easy. And the price can be set at a consumer-friendly level.

How to market it? Pay for to spotlight me? Not a bad idea.

Or, perhaps, I'll just start posting teaser chapters with a link for people to short-cut the process and simply buy the book. Creating a blog and some pages seems like a way to get the novel ignored by a wider potential audience.

If you're impatient, here's the Kindle edition:

Here's the Nook edition:

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